Do you believe in superstitions? I don't really but I know many who do. My grandmother was very superstitious! We all know some pretty commons ones like if a black cat crosses your path you will have bad luck, if you break a mirror you're doomed to bad luck for seven years, opening an umbrella in the house will bring you bad luck or walking under a ladder will bring you bad luck. How about the itchy palms superstition, if your left palm itches it mean you will lose money whereas if the right palm itches it means you will come into money.

Two that we often see is people tossing salt over their left shoulder. If you watch Rachel Ray she always tosses salt over her shoulder when cooking. They say it brings you good luck and rids any evil spirits. Another one we see all the time is knocking on wood. We might say something positive then quickly knock on wood as not to "jinx" it.

And of course then we have the Friday the 13th superstition. Many feel 13 is a very unlucky number. Have you ever gone to a hotel and notice that there is no 13th floor or there is no room 13? So many feel Friday the 13th means bad luck!

Do you guys believe in superstitions? If so which one? What other ones have you heard of that I didn't mention?