We always hear about new fads or foods that help in weight control.  Then, a month later after we stock our pantries with the product of the month, we find out that the certain product or supplement may cause cancer.

We are so desperate to control or lose weight that we want to believe it will work miracles.  By the way, I am the biggest offender.

I need to forget about finding the 'quick fix', and try a little discipline and hard work!

There is a fitness guru named John Wharton, who came up with a list of some simple changes to help get rid of that spare tire.

Here is the list:


Eat breakfast.
Much more important than what you eat is the fact that you eat something each morning to get your metabolism started. A stomach full of bacon and eggs burns more calories than a stomach that's still asleep.

Eat more frequent, but smaller meals.
Most servings give your digestive system more than it can burn, and if you only eat twice a day, your body stores the extra calories as fat.

Dehydration hurts metabolism.
It also creates a 1- to 2- percent drop in performance. You really can't drink enough water.

Don't eat so many carbohydrates.
However the no carb diet is not a good thing for an active person. It's hard on the kidneys shrinks your energy storage, and gives you mood swings. Instead, go for low-carb foods -- fruits, vegetable, and salads instead of grains, pasta, rice and potatoes. If you have to get your fix of high-carbs, do it before noon or right after working out, when your body will burn 'em up.

No midnight pizzas.
Late-night carbs just become early morning fat.


Do you have any tips that have helped you in the battle of losing weight?  I would love to hear about them!