How well do you really know Louie G?  You have heard him on the air for years but here is your chance to get to know the Louie G that you don't get to hear on the air.

Interviewer:  All of your responses must be oral.

Louie G:  OK

Question:  What is your date of birth?

Louie G:  Oral.

Interviewer:  No...I mean speak your answers.

Louie G:  Oh...OK.

Question:  What is your date of birth?

Louie G:  February 18th.

Question:  What year?

Louie G:  Every year.  Duh!

Question:  Describe your perfect date?

Louie G:  I would have to say May's not too hot and not too cold.  All you need is a light jacket.

Question:  Are you sexually active?

Louie G:  No.  I just lie there.

Question:  What would I find in your refrigerator right now?

Louie G:  Just some stuff that I want to keep cold.

Question:  Is it true that you like to blow your own horn?

Louie G:  That's a personal question...but yes I do!


I hope that helps you get better acquainted with Louie G!  If you would like us to ask Louie G a question for our next installment let us know.