I decided to get crafty again this weekend! I knew I needed to organize my jewelry because it was getting a little out of hand. I also knew that I didn't want to put all of my bracelets away in my jewelry chest because I wanted to display them as well as organize them. So, I decided to make my own little bracelet organizer/display rack!

What you will need:

  • Shoe box
  • Tape/or superglue
  • Empty tin foil roll. You can also use an empty paper towel roll but the rolls that come with tin foil are a lot more durable!
  • Scissors



  1. Cut the ends of the shoe box off if your box is too long for the ends of the cardboard roll to reach. (If your shoe box is already small enough you can skip this step)
  2. Next, cut the end of your shoe box (which is probably laying flat at this point) so that you can reattach your ends and bring the box back to life.
  3. Take the ends of the box that you cut off in step 1 and cut squared slots in them. Cut 2 slots in each end. This is where your cardboard rolls will sit. It's up to you and the size of your bracelets as to how close together or far apart the slots are.
  4. Tape and/or glue your box back together.
  5. Wrap the box to make it look a bit more decorative!
  6. Wrap the cardboard rolls and be sure to tape up the ends so when you are placing them in their slot, the paper does not rip.
  7. You're done! These directions may seem a little confusing but I did my best (haha)!  Please see the photos below for a better understanding!