Just like NOAA reminds us that 95% of the ocean remains unseen by human eyes, I'm confident the same holds true for the Internet. That should scare you. It scares me.

But, putting my (totally rational) fear of the unseen Internet aside, there's some pretty awesome sites waiting to be discovered so they can waste hours of your weekend!

Meet Gizoogle. It's a Google parody that puts every website you search for into gangsta lingo. Just like 'Have a peep tha dopest remainin free agents,' in the above screenshot of a gizoogled NFL.com.

One of the funniest examples was put on the r/funny subreddit by redditor HighSchoolCommisar. I'm unsure why they don't republish all books in Snoop Dogg (ahem, Snoop Lion, Sorry) jargon.

Reading your favorite websites through the lens of a gansta rapper is unjustifiably WAAAAY more fun than it should be. I'm sure the sensation will wear off -- just like Facebook's pirate talk feature did.

But for now: get yo azz over to Amazon.com through Gizoogle and check out 'What Other Hustlas Is Lookin At Right Now.' Who knows, you might see something you like.