With all the hate, protests, negativity and violence going on in our world, it's nice to take a step back sometimes and notice all the positivity and good in the world! Which takes us to Providence!

Associated Press via YouTube

For the past 6 years in the city of Providence, every single night the kids at Hasbro Children's Hospital get the most spectacular good night show! Around 8:30 each evening, yacht clubs, hotels, restaurants, boats, police cruisers, etc. all participate in the Good Night Lights display by flickering their lights on and off.

It creates a beautiful light show for the children who are sick and struggling and lets them know their community supports them and wants them to push through! The children in hospice care say thank you by shining flashlights back out the window to the community below.

This incredible gesture all started with Steve Brosnihan, the hospital’s cartoonist of 26 years. He got the idea while biking home from the building one day and he started flashing personalized messages with his lights to the children in the windows.

"There’s a joyful surprise in it,” Brosnihan says, “no one knows who’s on the other side of the gesture."

Take a look at the video of this incredible performance, and remember there is still good in the world!!