Today is a sad day for the wild 104 family. Our program director, coworker and our friend is leaving us. Matty J Has decided to move to the city where his wife found a job.
I have many fond memories of Matty J. I got my job five years ago when Matty decided to do a contest called the sidekick showdown. In the very beginning of the contest the morning show host quit and Matty J had to take his job. Here's the thing about Matty J, he is not a morning person! But he did it anyway. The contest finished up and I won! And Matty J was my partner before Louie G arrived.
Matty J had to learn a lot of patience when it came to me. I had never been in radio before and all the equipment was so overwhelming. He had to teach me everything, things that were so basic for him were such a challenge for me. Plus learning to be confident on air and not nervous took quite some time for me and it required him to do most of the work. But I think he trained me pretty well (don't you think!) and for that I thank him.
We also have had lots of great times after work, doing remotes together, parades, Spiedie Fest or just hanging out when he was DJ-ing down at the club.
The last five years that I've been here with Wild 104 have also been the most difficult years in my life for me. There were many painful moments. But Matty J  was always there to pick me up and give me words of encouragement when I needed it. So to my boss, my coworker, my old partner, my friend, my brother, I wish you all the luck in the world and you will be greatly missed. Love you Matty J!