I have TONS of gray hair, mostly gray actually. I hate it because I'm always having to color my hair, almost every three weeks so you don't see the roots. I wish I could just permanently get rid of my gray hair but I know that isn't a reality, or is it?

I was SUPER excited when I read this article because according to a study, scientists at the University of Bradford in England have figured out a way to reverse the gray hair process. Can you believe this!?!? This sounds to good to be true to me!

A hair turns gray when there's an accumulation of hydrogen peroxide in the hair follicle.  So basically makes the hair bleach itself. So the scientists created a topical solution for your hair that stops it from going gray and even gets it back to its original color. It actually fixes your hair follicles and restores the color. So this could be the answer to getting rid of gray hair for good!  There's no word yet on when it could go on sale but I can tell you I will be buying it!

Would you buy this topical solution in order to get rid of your gray hair?