Guys, have you ever been scratching your head, wondering why your first date didn't turn into a second date? You ask yourself, "what could I have done wrong?"  A new survey might help you answer that question and help to make sure it doesn't happen on your next date.







A new survey came out listing the top 10 turn offs for women on a date.  Here they are:


10)  Coming across as needy.

9)    Texting during the date.

8)    Awkward silences

7)    Talking about your ex.

6)    Hogging the conversation.

5)    Coming across like you are not interested.

4)    Being rude to a bartender or waitress.

3)    Looking at other women.

2)    Having no chemistry.

And the #1 turn off for women on a date is...



Guys, do what you want with this information, but do know that this list did come from women!

Have a great weekend!