I cant believe my BABY is turning 15 years old today. I remember being in the hospital with him, holding him for the first time. I remember after having him holding him and our families came in the room. I remember my dad holding him. Sometimes you wish you could go back in time and relive those memories. Although when you remember the pain it makes you rethink. :) Caleb was an unplanned surprise for his father and I who when Caleb was born had been married for three years. We had moved to the beach and lived there for a few years then Caleb back home to NY and soon after we found out Caleb was on the way. He was the best surprise I've ever received. I'm so proud of Caleb. He is a hero and I don't know many in my life that are true heroes and can say they saved someone's life. I love you so very much Caleb and am beyond proud of the young man you are becoming. Happy Birthday!