I LOVE Eminem. I always have. I remember right after I had Caleb his first hit, 'Slim Shady' came out and I was hooked! So that's been about 15 years. Actually I was hooked when I heard him on Dr Dre's 'Guilty Conscience'. I've seen him in concert many times and even was at 'Shady National Convention' where I was a casted audience member for a show he did on MTV. So my love for Eminem has been for many many years and it runs deep. I'm hoping someday my work arranges for me to meet him...hint, hint Townsquare Media!!

But today is Eminem's 41st birthday! I can't wait for his eighth studio album to come out November 5th. It's going to be called The Marshall Mathers LP2. He's also going to be the musical guest on Saturday Night Live on November 2nd. Kerry Washington is going to be the host and I'm hoping Eminem does at least one skit!

So I just had to give a birthday shout out to my favorite! Again hint, hint Townsqaure Media!  lol