My favorite band is Breaking Benjamin, and they are actually from Wilkes Barre so pretty close to us! Ive seen them a bazillion times! I love their music! They are some pretty cool, down to earth guys too. I actually have been to the drummers house before.

But I have to say Happy Birthday to the singer and founder of the band, Ben...get it...Breaking Benjamin?!?!

I'm sad because the band has called it quits, of course I hope there is a reconciliation and I can hear them play live again....a girl can hope can't she?!!? I tried telling Lexi, it's like if One Direction stopped performing and making songs together.

Here are a couple pictures, not sure why my face is so fat in one but.....that picture was actually taken at 'Cancer for A Cause' and the other one was from their CD release party. Both are several years old.