I can never remember my dreams.  I've tried, but with no luck.  Do you remember your dreams and ever wonder what they mean?  Well, Dr. Martin J. Aronson, professor of psychiatry at Columbia University, says the meanings of dreams vary tremendously, but the interpretations of certain dream symbols is universal and easy to translate to your everyday life. Here are six of the most common themes, and how they could relate to you:

Caves -- Tunnels, doorways, bureau drawers or mossy caves represent a desire for affection of the need to get closer to a female in your life.
Running -- Being chased means you are running away from something that is too difficult or you are avoiding a confrontation.
Aliens -- Dreaming of creatures from outer space can be an indication that some outside force is playing a role in your life and you are uncertain of your surroundings or something that is going on in your life.
Water -- A calm stream of water stands for security, safety and comfort. Turbulent water on the other hand can mean there is a disruptive force in your current environment or that you feel overwhelmed.
Falling -- A drop generally means instability in your life but a free fall with no clear beginning or end represents a lack of connection the world around you.
Nightmares -- Contrary to what most people think ongoing nightmares are nothing to worry about.

And, if you dream about making out with me, that just means you are drunk!

What's the craziest dream you have ever had?