Not all guys, but many in their 20s put more effort into picking out what to wear on a date  than they do their own health.

Sure, it's pretty easy to stay healthy while in your 20s, you also don’t want to totally put your health on the back burner and hope for the best. The last thing you want is health issues to come back to haunt you because you weren’t a couple simple healthy things when you were younger.

Here are some of the health mistakes guys in their 20's regularly make:

  • Not going to the doctor– 55% of men in the U.S. haven't seen a doctor in the past year. Going to the doctor isn't always a blast, but if you get regular checkups, you'll stay ahead of the game.
  • Eating nothing but meat and processed foods– bacon and Hot Pockets are pretty much a staple for most guys in their 20's and they're okay in moderation, but mom is right-you really do need to eat some fruits and vegetables.
  • Not getting enough sleep– ore and more studies are showing just how important sleep is. Not getting enough sleep literally takes years off your life. So, nap away!