Tomorrow President Barack Obama is going to make a stop in Binghamton.  This is part of an upstate New York tour he is doing.  Binghamton is rich in culture, food and fun things to do.

I put together a list of a couple of fun things that our President should check out while in Binghamton!

  • 1

    The Carousels

    We have 6 beautiful carousels in the Southern Tier.  The President should check out at least one of them.  After all, we are the Carousel Capital of the world!

    Louie G
  • 2

    A Binghamton Mets game

    There's nothing better in the summer in Binghamton than taking in a BMets game!  And, the Binghamton Mets are in the playoffs so President Obama will see a great team.  Plus, if he's lucky he'll catch our trumpet duet version of the Star Spangled Banner!

    Louie G, Armando and Jose Reyes
  • 3

    The Forum

    The Forum is a great place to check out a great show, concert or musical.  The best in Broadway has come through Binghamton via the Forum!

    Louie G
  • 4

    The Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park

    The Ross Park Zoo is the 5th oldest zoo in the country.  It's only fitting that our Commander in Chief stop by and walk through it.

    Louie G
  • 5

    The Broome County Arena

    The newly remodeled Broome County Arena is home to the AHL affiliate of the Ottawa Senators, The Binghamton Senators.  And, some of the biggest names in the music and entertainment world have come to town to perform at the Broome County Arena including Elvis Presley, Elton John and Kenny Rogers to name a few.

    Louie G