Halloween is 2 days away, and if you are not happy with your jack-o-lantern then maybe it's time to step up your game!


The pumpkin pictured, is my award winning cheese burger pumpkin I did a couple of years ago.  There was not really carving involved in it, but it was still very cool to do.  If you want to improve your pumpkin carving ability then check out some tools to help your carving out.





1)  Pumpkin Gutter.  It's a metal tool you can buy that looks like an electric beater attachment, and connects to a power drill.  You put it inside the pumpkin to clear out all the gunk in seconds, without getting your hands dirty.

2)  Carving cutlery.  A company called Warren Cutlery sells a kit with six different serrated blades, specialized for making different kinds of cuts on a pumpkin.  It's only about $21 on Amazon.

3)  Dremel tool.  Carpenters use it for all kinds of woodworking and renovation projects.  But with the right attachment, it's also great for making intricate cuts on a pumpkin.  A small 6V Dremel kit made for pumpkins will cost you about $23.

4)  Linoleum cutters and wood chisels.  These are great for really advanced etching and shading work . . . like if you want to cut only halfway through the pumpkin, so that the candle glows THROUGH the rind.

5)  Cookie cutters and apple corers.  It might sound like a cheat, but for stars and other shapes, there's no easier and quicker way to get a perfect cut.  (Gizmodo.com)


Do you have pictures of pumpkins that you have carved and are proud of?  I would love to see them!