Wild 104 is hosting an event called the Taste of Home Cooking School.  This fun event is coming up in October at Binghamton University.  Get all the details here!

This is going to be a great event for you to check out and sharpen up on your skills in the kitchen.  If you are not sure if this is something you would like to attend, then here are my top 5 reasons why you should attend the Taste of Home Cooking School!




#5)   You can save a lot of money by not eating out so much!  Learning how to cook can save the expense of eating out all the time.

#4)   It makes a great date night!  Impress your girl by doing something different and fun for a date.  A cooking class is the perfect idea for you two to do together!

#3)   Doing a cooking class is a great way to eat healthier.  It's no secret that there are a lot of calories in eating out...after all, food taste that good when we eat out for a reason!  Save the calories and cook at home!

#2)   You can break out the "Kiss the Cook" apron and not get laughed at!

#1)   And, the number one reason why you should attend our Taste of Home Cooking event is...I will stop by your house anytime I want and say, "Hey!  I'm here!  You know dinner is not going to cook itself!"

Hopefully we will see you there!