It is such a confusing time as far as health and nutrition goes.  One month, something is good for you.  Then, the next month the same thing is not good for you.  In stead of trying to keep up with all the fads, we need to go back and remember what our grandparents ate.  I never remember my grandmother watching her 'carb' intake.  I do remember her being sensible and using moderation.

A 105-year-old Texas woman who worked a life of physical labor and mothered seven children has revealed the secret to her longevity: bacon! No kidding. Pearl Cantrell said, "I love bacon, I eat it everyday," when asked the secret to living so long. She added, "I don't feel as old as I am, that's all I can say." Cantrell, who lives in central Texas and still dances, also told reporters that her 105th birthday party was a three-day affair with more than 200 guests.

Never one to miss a grand PR opportunity, when Oscar Mayer found out about Cantrell's love of bacon, it sent one of its iconic Wienermobiles to make a personal bacon delivery to Cantrell's home.

And for what it's worth, there has been some actual research to back up Cantrell's claim about the health benefits of bacon. A University of Zurich study published by the journal BMC Medicine in March found that eating little or no red meat can be a risk factor for early death. However, the same study found that eating too much bacon increases the risk of bowel cancer. (KRBC-TV News)

Maybe someday someone will interview me and ask about my longevity.  My answer will be...Pizza!