People go to get lengths to lose weight so I thought I'd share this new diet that people are having success with. It's called 'The Boredom Diet.' So basically all you do is pick ONE food, probably your favorite food, and you eat nothing but that one food. So the theory is you will eventually get bored eating just that one food, then you will start eating less of it which results in weight loss. Researchers decided to study the diet by having one group of women eat nothing but macaroni and cheese, and another group eat normal food. They found that after one week, the group eating macaroni and cheese was eating an average of 100 calories less per meal than the other group. So that resulted in weight loss for the macaroni and cheese group.

They say the weight loss is a gradual weight loss but if you can stick to it for six months to a year you will lose!

The one thing I did like about this diet was if you pick something that you could get at any restaurant it would make your life easier because so many diets are so restrictive it makes going out to dinner very difficult.

Would you try 'The Boredom Diet'? And if so what food would you chose?

I know Louie G would pick pizza!