Tis the season to buy gift cards.  Gift cards are a big business during the holidays.  Not sure what to get someone?  Gift cards are perfect. Then they can go to their favorite store and get whatever they want.

According to AOL statistics, nearly 70% of people buy gift cards during the holidays.  And the average person who gets a holiday gift card spends about 20% more at that store.

The one thing I hate about gift cards is when they don't get used.  Whether we lose them or forget we have them, that money goes down the drain.

Here is a nice tip for getting a holiday gift card....go to the actual place where you are getting the gift card (as opposed to the grocery store or convenience store).  During the holidays these businesses offer you an incentive to get a gift card.  For example, at Olive Garden, if you buy a $25 gift card you get another $5 gift card for free.