As most of you know, Tuesday was Tanya's birthday. I had planned to get up early to go to the grocery store and get her flowers so they would be fresh. Little did I know this would turn into a much longer project than I had anticipated!

First, I went to one grocery store near my house, go to get out of the car and I had forgotten my purse. I drove all the way back to my house, grabbed my purse, went back to the store and they did not have any bouquets of flowers inside. Only plants.

Off I went to another grocery store which lo and behold had moved. I get out of my car and go to walk into the grocery store, then realize it is no longer there.

You know what they say, third time is a charm! So eventually I found a grocery store with flowers and safely transported them to Miss Tanya.

I am so grateful of the good friends Tanya and I have become. She is an amazing, strong, smart and caring woman whom I'm so glad I have in my life. Hope you had a great birthday babe! Muah!