Hover is a band made of local 16 year olds who have adapted the sound of U2, Kings of Leon, and Coldplay into their music. I have had the pleasure of hearing them perform live at Cruisin' Pallooza out in Whitney Point a couple of years ago and I must say that I was very impressed!

The members of Hover include Andrew Thomas, Jacob Kurtz, Jordan Woloch, and Justin Arnold. They are all students at Owego-Apalachin High school. As of now, they have a song list of 30 covers and 15 original songs! They are currently in the recording studio working on new material and have continued to reach 53,000 views on their YouTube page!

Hover has a wide range of accomplishments including participating in Battle of the Bands at Boston's Hard Rock Cafe, winning Best Original Song for "She Kissed Me Back". The band is currently finishing up their newest album and will came spring and summer shows to follow. To stay up to date with Hover, head over to their Facebook page and check out their website for more information!