How desperate are you to drop a few pounds for summer?  I'm not sure I could do this nor do I think I could even try to.

A U.N. report published this week say the health benefits of consuming nutritious insects could help fight obesity.  More than 1,900 species of insects are eaten around the world, mainly in Africa and Asia, but the practice usually creeps out those of us in the West.  The authors of the study by the Forestry Department, part of the U.N. food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), said many insects contained the same amount of protein and minerals as meats and more healthy fats doctors recommend in balanced diets.

For what it's worth, in a blind taste test carried out by the research team nine out of 10 people preferred meatballs made from roughly half meat and half mealworms to those made from entirely meat.  (Reuters)

I am pretty sure the only way I could do it is if my wife secretly mashed the insects up and put them in my spaghetti sauce!