I was reading a story the other day about someone who got scammed out of some money thinking they were helping with a recent tragedy.  I get so frustrated when I hear stories like this!  It is hard to imagine that someone could take advantage of people during such a horrible time in their lives.  We saw it during the flood of 2011 and more recently during the Boston Marathon bombings tragedy.

I go by one simple rule when donating...donate to organizations that I know!  Anytime there is some sort of tragedy or natural disaster, one organization that is always the first one there is the American Red Cross.  They help out in many ways...food, water, clothing and shelter.  Find out how you can donate to the American Red Cross here.

Another good organization in the Salvation Army.  The Salvation Army is very important in this community!  They also help out in many ways!  Not only can you get clothing and such from the Salvation Army but they are there with emotional support during times of difficulty.  Check out their website here.