I have a beautiful pair of shoes from White House Black Market that I got at an outlet for a great price. The only problem is, they are a half size too big! Being a girl, of course I don't want to return them so, I'll just have to fix them.

There are several different ways to fix shoes that are too big. I did my research for you, and me of course!

1. Bring your shoe to a cobbler. They can raise the insoles of your shoes so your foot doesn't slide forward and add padding to the back.

2. Foot pedals or pads. Numerous companies make pads that go in the back of your heels for comfort, or in case the shoe is too big. These food pads normally stick to the back of your head creating a nice cushion.

3. Gel insoles or heel grips. These will keep your foot in place and keep it from sliding back and forth.

4. If the shoes are too big and they are not peep toe (as mine unfortunately are), you can take make up pads and put them in the toes.

5. Last but not least, you could always do the old toilet paper trick. Tear up pieces of toilet paper and stick them in the toe of your shoe until your heel is set against the back of the heel of the shoe.

I am definitely going to try these out. Good luck ladies and strut your stuff! Let me know if you have a trick that works as well!