I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! I know a lot of you were lucky enough to be off from July 4th and through the weekend! This weekend I spent time in NYC to kick off my birthday a few days early!

I have a NYC bucket list and every time I go, there are a few stops that I want to make so I crossed a few off my list this weekend.

I love baking and the last time I was in the city I walked passed a mini cupcake shop called Baked by Melissa so I finally stopped there this weekend. The cupcakes are super tiny, smaller than a regular mini cupcake but they got the job done!

Photo: Kiesha

I've also wanted to go to Pinkberry for quite some time so I went and got the original flavor with some strawberries, raspberries, almonds and caramel - YUM!

Photo: Kiesha

I went out to a bar called bOb on Saturday night and had a great time! They were playing songs from the last 10 years or so and I was dancing and singing along to every song! I wish we had a bar like that in Binghamton!

I spent the rest of my time just roaming around, shopping and just enjoyed spending quality time with that boyfriend of mine! Today I am exhausted and sore from all of the walking but I'd say this weekend was a great kickoff to my Birthday Week!