There are no words to explain the amount of grief I feel for the victims and families affected by the tragedy in Newtown, CT. Friday's tragedy has shaken up people around the world. Over the weekend, I have read countless Facebook posts and tweets on Twitter of everyone expressing their sadness for everyone who was affected. Parents have even expressed their fear of sending their children to school, a place where they thought their children would always be safe.

I was speaking to a friend this morning who is a mother to a little four year old girl and we discussed how we cannot even fathom the amount of pain these families are in. She told me that she would be speaking to her daughter's school today to go over their safety measures and what kind of plan they have in place for preventing something like Friday's events happening in her school. She also told me how easily she is able to walk into her daughter's school without being questioned and wants that to change.

Do you feel like schools in our area are doing enough to keep our students safe?