All curly haired girls can probably agree that we have struggled to get rid of the crunchy curly look! I have always had curly hair and I have never been able to stand that crunchy, wet looking hair. If I only put in some type of serum, my hair would be frizzy so I always felt like I had no other option than to be a crunchy haired girl (ha!).

One day as I was roaming the hair care aisle of Target, I spotted some Pantene products that I hadn't seen before so I decided to look a little closer. That's when I found Pantene's No Crunch Curl Whip. The name alone had me sold! The description says:

Pantene's Curly Hair No Crunch Curls Whip moisturizes hair and gives you satiny curls for up to 48 hours. Your results: touchably soft curls that last.; Moisturizes hair and gives you satiny curls for up to 48 hours.; Touchably soft curls that last; Moisturizer + Styler.

I usually use a light hairspray with this product and I love the results that I get! Do you have a product that's perfect for "touchable" curls? Let me know in the comments below!