Tonight is the big night when your kids will bring home bags full of candy! But it is important to know how much candy is too much. Here are some tips for limiting the amount of Halloween candy your children eat:



1. Use a smaller treat bag. Just say "no" to the pillow case. Let your child use a smaller treat bag to limit how much candy they can collect. Avoid big bags like a pillow case which allows endless amounts of candy to be stored.

2. Out of sight, out of mind. After your child comes home let them look through and sort their candy (this was my favorite part of the night as a kid!). Let them enjoy some of the candy and then stash the rest in a secret place. This way they have to ask for the candy and you can monitor how much is being eaten. After a while, your child might even forget about the candy all together!

3. Allow only a certain amount of candy per day. In conjunction with the previous tip, you can simply set a candy limit for the day. For example: two pieces of candy per day for an after school snack.

4. Give some candy away. Maybe your kids have cousins that were unable to go trick or treating. Put together little treat bags to give away! I have also read stories about people putting together treat bags to send to soldiers!

Hope these tips will be helpful! How do you limit the amount of Halloween candy your children eat?


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