A lot of people screenshot photos on Instagram and then repost them using a hashtag that says something like #RP or #regram. But, I have also seen photos that actually have a repost icon on the image itself. Of course, I had to figure out how this is done. Time to share it with all of you...

There are many different apps to properly repost an Instagram photo. The first app I tried yesterday was PhotoRepost, All you do is sign into the app using your IG credentials and your feed appears. Then, you have the option to "repost" under the image. After clicking the repost button, you are directed back to the Instagram app, add whatever description or hashtag you want then repost to your account.

I like this app because it's nice to give credit where credit is due! There are a lot of other photo reposting apps as well so you have plenty of options!

What apps do you use along with Instagram?