There is a new craze in the wedding circuit and it is a 'Social Media' concierge for your special day!   It is just like a wedding planner but for social media.

As if weddings are not expensive enough, for another $3000 you can hire someone to make sure your wedding day is HUGE...on social media!  Some hotels in New York City are offering this 'Social Media' Concierge for their happy couples.




For $3000, here is what you get with your 'Social Media' concierge:


Live-tweet your ceremony and reception.

Post Instagram photos and Vine videos.

Come up with a HASHTAG for your guests to use.

Encourage guests to use hashtag when they post to social media.

Set up a wedding blog.

Put together Pinterest boards with gift and honeymoon ideas to, quote, "inspire the couple."

And put together a scrapbook for the couple featuring the best tweets and Instagram photos from the wedding.

What do you think of hiring a 'Social Media' concierge for your wedding?