Last night I was out and about doing some Christmas shopping and I ran into the 'perfect woman!'  And... she doesn't talk.

I am only kidding. But, I was looking for Christmas presents for the women in my life and came across this list from


1)  Something that makes them feel like they are incredibly beautiful.  Maybe it's jewelry, lingerie, a scarf--just something that says, 'I love looking at you!'

2)  Something that makes them think that we think they are incredibly smart.  I could be a book or a magazine. The gift should say, 'I value your intellect and opinion.'

3)  Something that lets them know that we value their humor.  A silly t-shirt or a box of witty note cards.  Just make sure the gift says, 'I think you are funny!'

4)  Something that lets her know you think she is the best mom in the world.  Maybe it's a bracelet with a charm for each kid or a family portrait.  Something that lets her know you appreciate her as a mom.

I want to throw in some good local ideas to get the woman in your life for Chirstmas:

1)  Maybe a Broadway show at the Forum in Binghamton. Guys, she wants to go but doesn't think you will like it.  So, if you take her (and pretend to enjoy it) she will love it!

2)  Maybe a cooking class. A cooking class is a fun thing to do with a date or a small group of friends. This is the perfect Christmas gift and it is unique.

3)  How about a day trip to Skaneateles for some shopping at their cute shops and then a nice dinner overlooking the lake? Guys, if you offer to go shopping with her, I promise this will be big bonus points!