Say it ain't so! Instagram now gives you to option to capture video...just like Vine. I was enjoying choosing to use Vine if I wanted to see video and Instagram when I wanted to see photos. Why mess with a good thing?!

I understand that Instagram wanted to keep up with other apps that are giving us features that Instagram was not, but come on! I love Vine but I get annoyed scrolling through video sometimes and the fact that now I don't have a choice is really making me angry!

According to ABC Nightline , "An update to the current Instagram app, which will be released today, will allow users to capture anywhere between three to 15 seconds of video, apply a new set of filters and then easily share them with their Instagram friends or through other social media services."

So what do you think? Are you as angry about this as I am?

...but let's be serious, I'm totally going to use the video feature.

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