Over the weekend the kids and I went to a dinner show. We really enjoyed ourselves. I knew ahead of time what the cost per person was. The website said the price included a cocktail hour with appetizers then dinner that included salad, entree, dessert, coffee and a soft drink.

When the bill came I was chatting with other people at another table, I took a look at the bill and put in my debit card and it came back I added the tip. While driving home I thought to myself that it ended up being a lot more than I expected. I realized they already added the tip in then I tipped ontop of that. I ended up leaving a 40% tip.

It really frustrated me because it didn't say tip was included in the preice and I'm sure many didn't notice it till after the fact. It was only the three of us. I always thought they added a tip to larger groups of 8 or more.

Have you ever had this happen to you when it was just a couple people?