We had a very special guest in the studio this morning, Boomer! Boomer is three months old and is a Red Kangaroo. Even though Boomer is gray right now, he will be red when he's an adult. Boomer weighs around 15lbs, however as an adult he will get to be around 200lbs and 6 feet tall.

Boomer stays in his "pouch" and his "mother" is Jordan Patch takes care of him as closely as a mother kangaroo would care for her joey. Jordan is the owner of Animal Adventure which is located in Harpursville. Animal Adventure is an interactive educational animal park that will open in the spring of 2013. I can't wait! Being able to learn and interact with the animals is going to be an amazing experience. So stay tuned on the exact date of Animal Adventure's opening in the spring and in the mean time check out their Facebook page to see the other animals that live there.