It's Caption Contest Thursday!  This is a very fun day of the week!  I put up a random photo for you to check out and you can add any caption you want to the photo!  It really is amazing to see some of the captions that people have posted.  It's almost like that's exactly what was being said in the photo.

This week's photo was taken last week at one of the events for the Dick's Sporting Goods Open.  In the picture is me with Binghamton University graduate and host of the show 'Pardon The Interruption' which airs on ESPN, Tony Kornheiser.

The picture itself is nice but you have to look closely at the girl behind Tony and me.

As usual, I will add the first caption.  Here it is:

Louie G..."What a nice picture of me and Tony Kornheiser....and some girl who is goosing me!"

Have fun!