Every Thursday, I post a random photo for you to check out and then you can add your own caption. This is a very fun feature that gets you involved.  It sparks creativity and laughs!

This week's photo is me sitting in the priest's alter chair at Saint Bonaventure Catholic Church in Olean, N.Y.  Why am I sitting in this chair?  Good question!  My dad grew up in Olean, and every year we go back for a family reunion.

My Uncle Bill still lives there and actually made the chair, so I wanted to check it out!  I couldn't resist sitting in it either!

As usual, I will add the first caption.  Here it is:

"Louie G!  This is God!  I can forgive most of your sins...and you have a lot, but if you break this chair, I swear to um...myself, you are in trouble!"

Have fun!