Every since my first juice cleanse I’ve gotten a lot of questions on the topic. I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my favorite recipes, tips, etc! Today I am on the second day of my third juice cleanse! My first two cleanses resulted in a 12lb weight loss!

Let me start with a little disclaimer...I know there are a lot of people that don't like the juice craze and have their own opinions on it. I only do it for 2-3 days at a time and only do it when my body is feeling run down due to eating poorly. I love the way I feel after I've finished two days of this and I love my fruits and veggies so it's a win-win! It's just overall a great way for me to get back on track.

Here are some FAQs:

What juicer do you use?

Breville Juice Fountain Plus. Honestly not sure exactly what version I have buuuut it looks like this:

Photo: Kiesha

Do you get hungry during your cleanse?

The first day of the cleanse is more of a mental struggle than anything else. Of course I wanted solid food, especially since I had to watch people eat pizza, but I kept my end goal in mind. If you do get hungry, make an extra juice or have a big glass of water. I also chewed gum every now and then to fight cravings.

Do you eat any solid food during the cleanse?

Personally, I didn’t eat a single bite of solid food during the cleanse. If you are doing a longer cleanse than three days you can consider eating solid fruits and veggies. I’d lean more towards the veggies to cut back on sugar consumption.

How many juices do you drink per day?

I drank six 16oz juices each day. In between every juice I would drink 16oz of water at the very least. I infused my water with strawberry, lemon and mint! Gotta keep it interesting…

Do the juices taste good?

Everyones taste buds are different. I happen to really like the taste of the juices, especially the green juices! I always try to sweeten my juices with granny smith apples.

Some of my favorite concoctions:

  • Granny Smith Apple
  • Cucumber
  • Kale
  • Celery


  • Carrot
  • Granny Smith Apple
  • Ginger


  • Carrot
  • Apple
  • Celery

Feel free to leave questions in the comments below and I’d be more than happy to answer them! Happy juicing!