According to an article in The Daily Mail, an Ohio kindergarten teacher has been suspended for ten days after surveillance video appeared to show her grabbing a six-year-old, kindergarten boy by his neck.

In the video, when the little boy, walks out of the bathroom, the teacher grabs him, and lifts him in front of a wall.
She then appears to grab him by the throat, tilting his head back until he is off his feet while the boy looks terrified.

The boy's parents were shocked at the school's response, which showed their son being lifted off the ground by his collar and the teacher in his face.
The teacher was put on unpaid leave, but the parents didn't think this is enough.
They are calling for her to be fired from the school district where she has taught for 14 years.

The unpaid suspension will end just as the school breaks up for the summer vacation.
The parents have requested that their little boy, or the teacher, be moved, but the school has refused.

This is insane to me and the teacher is nothing but a big bully!
To read full story and see the video, visit , The Daily Mail Website.