I came across this article about the largest cave in the world so of course I had to click on it. No matter how old you get, I think we can all relate to The Goonies and have an add urge to go exploring in caves.

In 1991 a local man in Vietnam was walking around and discovered the cave but was unable to go inside because of the steep drop just inside the cave's entrance. It wasn't until 2009 that the British came to make their way down into the cave and explore all it had to offer.

The cave is approximately 5.5 miles long, has a river and a jungle inside it as well! Years ago, part of the cave collapsed allowing wildlife to form - thus the jungle inside the cave. There are species unknown to any other part of the world living there.

Soon the cave will be open to public tours involving camping overnight in the cave. If you have $3,000, get in line! As for the rest of us, below is a video of inside the cave and you can click here for more pictures and details.