For the past few months, Lay's has been asking people to vote on three new potential chip flavors: Chicken and Waffles, Sriracha, or Cheesy Garlic Bread.  And they just announced the winner is . . . Cheesy Garlic Bread!  It'll be in stores until at least the end of the year Karen Weber-Mendham is the woman who submitted the idea for the flavor wins one million dollars! Guess where shes from...Wisconsin! The other two contestants who were in the running for their flavor idea, will each get $50,000. Not bad for coming in second!

The kids and I took the chip flavor contest and I have to say that Cheesy Garlic Bread was NOT our favorite. It was good and I probably would buy them for the kids but for me they tasted too buttery. We all agreed our favorite was Sriracha and I would defiantly buy those! Too bad they didn't win. If you like spicy foods you would really like them.