Lay's had a contest where people could write in and suggest a flavor. Lay's picked three of those and actually made the chips! The ones they chose were Chicken & Waffles, Cheesy Garlic Bread and Sriracha. The chip flavor that gets the most votes, Lay's will actually turn into a permanent flavor. So the kids and I HAD to get all three and do the taste test so we could vote for our favorite.

We thought the Cheesy Garlic Bread would be our favorite since that flavor was hardest to find. I thought they were pretty good but the flavor was too buttery for me. I probably wouldn't buy this flavor, my kids however liked it and said they would buy it.

Chicken & Waffles was the next flavor we tried. I didn't like this flavor. It just tasted like maple syrup to me. I didn't really taste the chicken flavor. Caleb and Lexi didn;t care for this flavor either and I knew this because that bag of chips sat at the house for weeks!

I'd have to say our favorite flavor and the flavor we would buy if they made this on a permanent basis was Sriracha. It was spicy and really good. We all decided this was our favorite out of the three.

We had fun doing our own taste test and we said we would have rather they made a chocolate caramel favor instead of the Chicken & Waffles if they were looking for a sweet flavor. What flavor would you suggest Lay's make?