The fourth quarter of the year tends to bring us new hits from established artists.  This practice is a throwback to the time people bought whole albums on CD or Cassette.  New singles in the Fall would translate into album purchases for holiday gifts.  Now that iTunes is the world's biggest music store, we tend to buy singles instead of albums.  The industry still likes to line up the big guns for the holiday season, bringing us new songs from Pink, and Maroon 5.  Give a listen.

Pink - 'Try'

Pink follows up her #1 hit 'Blow Me One Last Kiss' with a slower pop-rock ballad from her album 'The Truth About Love'

Maroon 5 - 'Daylight'

Maroon 5 steps off the dance floor, and does their best Coldplay impression.  You may recognize it, as It just premiered on 'The Voice'.