A couple of weekends ago, I was fortunate enough to assist Miss Dena Michele with her first music video shoot. We got up Saturday morning and drove to New Jersey to spend the day at Rage's (Video Director) house to decide on hair, makeup and clothing.

Sunday was spent filming the first and last scene in a bedroom of the house and a small portion outside.

On Monday, we had the longest and most tiring day! Dena had to be on set at 6am to get her makeup and styling done. The first shot was outside in the snow with a long black dress. Dena sang the song for the video in that specific outfit several times at varying speeds.

The next scene was on a snow covered hill. Dena had to run down the hill in 4 inch stilletto boots to her man! They then of course had to commensurate their love with a passionate kiss. I'm not going to lie, I'm not sure if I was jealous of Dena or the male actor more?

The very last scene took place at 7pm when it was getting pretty chilly out around what we liked to refer to as the "Tim Burton" tree. his was a large tree that had fallen down sideways in the middle of a field and looked very eerie. Dena had to put on her last and most scantily clad outfit for the bridge section and of course it happened to be the coldest part of the entire day. I can't believe her amazing work ethic, I was truly inspired and felt blessed to be her assistant. I will definitely keep you all updated on Dena's career as it blossoms. Move over Britney, here comes Dena!