My friend Jason decided he wanted to learn how to fly and become a pilot and he went out and did it! I'm so proud of him! He has flown as far as Ocean City and New Hampshire. He has some really cool footage of some of his flying adventures. My favorite is the footage of him flying around New York City, it's so cool! You guys can check it out here.

So yesterday he asked if I wanted to go up in plane with him...I said 'Hell Yea!"I know what your thinking..."Tanya is afraid of driving in the snow, how on earth can she go up in a little plane?1?" I don't know but it didn't seem to bother me and we went. What a fun time we had! We flew to Lake Ontario and the water was so blue and beautiful. And that's also where Jason had me take the yolk (see Jason I was listening!) and I was able to fly the plane! It was really cool! I'll admit, I was nervous over the water. But it was still fun. We did some sight seeing and eventually flew back to Binghamton. We flew over the city and that was amazing to see our hometown from that point of view! We could even see our offices!

It was such a fun time and really a great adventure! I'm so lucky to have such a great friend! He will be making a video of the flight we took so stay tuned that will be up in a week or two!