I just visited Louie G out at the Food-A-Bago, and we are way behind where we were last year.  The Food-A-Bago is the Jim's RV Camper we have sitting in the parking lot of the Weis Market on Upper Front Street.  Louie G is out there collecting non-perishable food to help the Community Hunger Outreach Warehouse restock their pantry after what has been a year of great need.  

This is obviously a difficult time to do a food drive, when the devastation just a couple hundred miles south is compelling many of us to give to disaster-related charities like the Red Cross.  Please keep in mind however, that the need here is great too, and many in our community are still recovering from the flooding in 2011.

Louie G, or one of the other Townsquare Media DJ's will be manning the Food-A-Bago from 10AM until at least 5PM Saturday and Sunday, and Louie will be finishing up with his morning show broadcast on Monday until 10AM.

Every little bit helps.  If you need some simple ideas, think Thanksgiving dinner.   Stuffing and instant potatoes, canned vegetables and cranberry sauce, jars (plastic) or cans of gravy.  Everyday meals are great too.  Pasta and sauce, again in plastic jars.  Peanut butter. Hot and cold cereals. You probably already have some of these things in your cupboard or pantry right now.

Friday morning, Louie G and Tanya interviewed Deacon Ed Blaine, the director of CHOW.  He said that while donations of any of the aforementioned items is greatly appreciated, it is cash donations that actually are the most useful.  Ed said that CHOW is able to deal with grocery stores directly, to buy food at a better price.  If you were going to buy food to donate, rather than grabbing a few items from home, you would actually be better off making a cash donation.  Cash, and checks made to 'C.H.O.W' will be accepted at the Food-A-Bago.

Louie G is also making his yearly offer to DJ your business's holiday party for FREE, if your company is the one who brings the most food.  Just make sure to tell whomever is on hand who to give the credit to.

Is easy to just think that someone else will donate, and everything will work out ok.  If everyone did that though, we would be in real trouble.  If everyone in our listening area brought just one item of food, we could help many of the people in our area who need it.

matty j