Yesterday was the 'Celebrity Spiedie Cook Off' and now there is an investigation underway after Louie G and Tanya placed 3rd with their Award Winning G-Licious Spiedies. Back in 2012 they took 1st Place with the same exact spieidie recipe. In 2013 they were not able to compete in the cook off because of work obligations and they also had decided to retire their aprons while on top. However after many complaints from last year's judges on the low quality and taste of the spiedies and their continuous begging for Louie G and Tanya to come back and make their award winning spiedies so they didn't have to go hungry again this year, the dynamic duo decided to come out of retirement for the greater good of the community! The cheers and applause from the public was overwhelming and brought tears to their eyes.

If you could have only seen the disappointment of the public after the judges deliberated at length to decide who the winners would be only to announce that Louie G and Tanya placed 3rd! The boos were aplenty! Kids were crying, dogs were howling and balloons were deflating. Everyone was screaming "How can this be?!?! Say it isn't so!"

We can't remember who placed 2nd because no one remembers who they were. But WBNG's Dave Greber and Howard Manges somehow got 1st place with their spieides with bacon. The gasps and disbelief of the crowd could be heard clear across the field to the Salamida's tent. You couldn't help but notice the shock in host Jim Emke's voice as he got choked up as he had to read the announcements of the winners.

When it was over, the stunned Louie G and Tanya went over to congratulate Dave and Howard who said they too were shocked by the results. The foursome posed for pictures. At that point Louie G and Tanya went to clean up their area. And that's when something very interesting happened. One of the judges was huddled up with Dave and Howard whispering leading the general public to say there has to be some sort of conspiracy going on!  Out of fairness, we won't reveal the name of the judge in question, however his name rhymes with 'Charinaccio'.

Louie G and Tanya are asking the public and their fans to just let this go but the picketing and phones calls aren't stopping and the public has demanded an investigation into the results be performed. So a committee has been formed into the misconduct that took place yesterday and this family event. It's hard to believe any "news" teams would stoop this low!

By the way, we're just joking here!
We are all great friends with the WBNG staff, and love to pick on each other...they're the best!

Wild 104, as your news leader, will keep you all updated on the findings of this investigation.