Louie G

I recently lost some weight, and when you are as big as I am it shows more. People have been asking how I did it. Here is my secret.

Are you ready? There is no secret. I was just tired of being uncomfortable. One day it just clicked that I wanted to make some changes, and I did.

This is going to sound rude, but I promise I don't mean it rude. People coming up to me and telling me that I NEED to do something or I will die didn't make me want to do it. Or making me feel guilty for eating something that isn't good for me, definitely didn't make me want to do something about my health.

I knew I didn't like how I was feeling so I decided that I am going to start making small changes and small changes would be lasting and get me closer to feeling better.

I say all the time that no matter what it is that we need to change in life, we will do it when we are ready. And, just because you don't have a weight issue, doesn't mean that you can lecture me about how I should "just eat more fruit." OK, maybe that one did sound a little rude.

Like I said, I am not mad at those people or think less of them. In fact, it's just the opposite, because I know their heart is in the right place. But, with that being said, whether you are dealing with your weight, wanting to quit smoking, stop drinking or some other issue that you want to change, trust me when I say that you will do it when you are ready!

Louie G