A tattoo artist in New York has a dog and she needed to have her spleen removed and he figured, as long as she was under anesthesia, he might as well give her a tattoo. So he did, he tattooed his and his wife’s name in a heart. He posted a photo of his dog with its new tattoo to Instagram with the caption “My dog is cooler than yours!” People online are angry he did this and a spokesman for ASPCA denounced it. The man's friends all say  he’s a great guy who loves his dog and would never do anything to hurt her.

I read this story and was FURIOUS! The dog had to undergo surgery to remove her spleen. She doesn't need a tattoo, which is a WOUND! That's what it is! And tattoos hurt when you get them as we all know but they also hurt AFTER too when the anesthesia has worn off. I think this guy is a complete idiot and he should be ashamed of himself. I'm disgusted he would do this to his dog! And I'm angry at the vet who allowed this to happen too!

What do you think?