All mothers love their sons, but some are more affectionate than others.

Yates County Sheriff's Office

The woman in the picture was busted for smuggling Oxycodone to her son in an open-mouthed kiss when she visited him at the jailhouse in New Yorks Yates County.

Her name is Kimberly Margeson,in case you guys are lonley for Valentines Day.She’s 54, like’s long walks on the beach, eating pork rinds with maple syrup and making out with her son 30-year-old son William Partridge whose in lock-up after a weapons charge.

Margeson slipped the pills into her mouth and transferred them “from her mouth to her son’s mouth when she kissed him.” This family is close. Just sayin’.

While authorities didn’t confirm whether her tongue was used as an instrument of the crime, They did however arrest Margeson on a felony drug count and she and her son were brought up on charges for promoting prison contraband. Mom’s now his prison homie. Maybe they’ll get matching tattoos?

Mommy dearest plead not guilty to both charges and has been released from jail, while her pride and joy remains in the hoosegow. We will all await the sloppy reunion when he’s done doing hard time…